PhUn Week

Find a Physiologist

The pivotal aspect of PhUn Week is providing an opportunity for your students to interact with a physiologist from your community or area. If you already know a physiologist, ask whether s/he is a member of the American Physiological Society. If not, s/he is encouraged to join us! (See the Membership tab at the top of the page). If you don’t know a physiologist, we’ll be happy to assist! Please do the following:

  1. Look at the Excel or PDF file in Resources below that lists APS K-12 Outreach Volunteers. It is sorted by state. See if there are physiologists in your regional area. Contact a physiologist in your area via email or phone. Be sure to note that you are interested in inviting them to participate in Physiology Understanding Week (PhUn Week).
  2. If you don’t find a physiologist on the list who is near your school, contact us well in advance of PhUn Week (November). We’ll work with you to identify physiologists in your area. Click here to email us and be sure to give us your name, school, school address, city, and state as well as your preferred email address.

Talk to Your Administration

Discuss and share the PhUn Week flier (see Resources below) with your Principal. Notify him/her about activities and upcoming Physiologist team visit.

Plan Your Lesson

Review and use Resources under Plan Your Lesson (at left) to plan activities before, during, and/or after PhUn Week.

Plan the Physiologists’ Visit

Work with the physiologist to develop your instructional plan for PhUn Week. Be sure to share appropriate grade-level terminology, students’ prior knowledge, and desired outcomes with the Physiologist.
Use and complete the PhUn Week Event Planner (see Resources below) to help plan your week of instruction and the Physiologist’s visit to the classroom. Note these Planner hints:

  • Include the total number of students you want to receive free fun PhUn Week give-aways! APS has a limited supply of “freebies” each year. Be sure to request some for your students. First come, first served…so get your Event Planner in early!
  • Complete and return the PhUn Week Event Planner by October 1 to ensure delivery of materials by November 1.

Offer Feedback

Provide feedback to your physiologist about the PhUn Week activities. S/he will share them with APS (or feel free to send us an email yourself!) to help us improve the program each year. Also, we encourage you to “debrief” with the physiologists who visited your classroom. What worked well? What would you modify for next time? Remember that PhUn Week comes every year!


PhUn Week 2018 Save the Date Flyer (PDF)

This flyer provides an overview of PhUn Week activities and how to get involved.

APS PhUn Week Press Release Template (DOC)

This is a press release template for PhUn Week. Please complete with your information.

Research Host Contact List (XLS)

List of researchers interested in either serving as a research host or helping find a research host in their department.