PhUn Week

Use the links below to access these teacher-tested science lessons:

  • Physiology Activities for the K-12 Classroom – This is a collection of inexpensive activities from previous PhUn Week events. Try them with your students!
  • Physiology of Exercise: Inquiry-based Learning Cycle Unit for Middle School Students - This cardiovascular/respiratory unit provides middle school students with a basic understanding of how the heart and the lungs work together when someone exercises.
  • Do a KWL exercise…what do you Know, what do you Want to know, and what have you Learned about the effect of exercise on the body? Use the links below to both the blank KWL chart and the Web Site Info Search on this topic.
  • Read a comic book. Students enjoy reading this campy, but fun, look at physiology and physiology research. Free, downloadable PDF of The Science of Life-Physiology Research in Action.
  • Get students moving with simple physiology experiments for heart, muscle, and lungs with the links for Cardiovascular Activity, Muscle Contraction Activity, and Respiratory Activity below.

Find additional resouces in the Life Science Teaching Resource Community (see link in Resources below). 

Help your students learn about exciting careers in physiology and other science areas by using the following career resources:

  • Physiology, The Science of Life: This PowerPoint presentation with audio voiceover provides an overview of physiology careers and is designed for use with middle school students.
  • APS Careers in Physiology Website: This website provides extensive science career resources and can help your students learn more about physiology, find out what physiologists do, and meet some interesting physiologists (see "Careers" link at top of page).