PhUn Week
Can you hear your heart beating?Middle school boys sharing a lesson on circulationPhUn Week participants sharing ideasEnjoying the PhUn Week session at EB2013PhUn week demos of working lung modelsLearning about your heart during PhUn Week demoElementary students having PhUn!Students learn to measure their blood pressure.Taking a pulse to learn how exercise benefits the heart.Putting leads on for an electrocardiogram.Children performing a respiration activity.Learning about the PhUn of heart-healthy exercise.Students explore structure as well as function during PhUn Week.

PhUn Week is a nationwide outreach program building connections between scientists and their local schools. PhUn Week is distinctive for two reasons:

  • It fosters grassroots partnerships between biomedical researchers and K-12 teachers; and
  • It is carried out into classrooms by “citizen scientists” composed of a senior researcher along with his or her undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral students.

As the leading professional organization of physiology researchers and educators in the U.S., the APS is uniquely positioned to deploy a national coordinated event to promote the understanding of physiology in health and disease. Individual physiologists, physiology departments, and regional chapters of the APS all coordinate PhUn Week events and activities, ranging from single classroom visits to large-scale local events at schools, universities and museums.

The goals of PhUn Week are to:

  • Increase student interest in and understanding of physiology in their lives.
  • Increase teacher recognition of physiology in their standards-based science curriculum.
  • Introduce students to physiology as a possible career.
  • Involve more physiologists in outreach to the students and teachers in their communities.

During PhUn Week classroom visits in November, APS members engage students in interactive, hands-on physiology activities. Through this real-life, face-to-face encounter with practicing biomedical researchers, students learn about how their bodies function and how scientific discoveries are made.

Continue to explore this website for teachers, researchers, and students to learn more about PhUn Week! The FAQs in Resources below can answer common questions about PhUn Week.


PhUn Week 2014 Save the Date Flyer (PDF)

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Mentoring Forum article by Michael Ryan (7/2014)

2011 Phun Week Poster Collection

Posters presented at EB2012 describing past PhUn Week activities that took place in K-12 classrooms across the US and Puerto Rico.

PhUn Week FAQs (DOC)

Answers to common questions about Physiology Understanding Week (PhUn Week)