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The Frontiers in Physiology Leadership Fellows program offers past RT and OT Fellows the opportunity to enhance their mentoring, technology, and curriculum development skills.

Mentor/Instructor Fellows

These teacher fellows are selected from past participants of our teacher fellowship programs at least one year after their program experience. Under the leadership of the Lead Mentor (see below) and APS Education Office staff, Mentor/Instructors are involved in the Frontiers program by:

  • Providing a commitment of time during the year-long RT fellowship program.
  • Mentoring assigned teacher fellows throughout the year.
  • Participating in online discussions and/or email/listserv correspondence.
  • Attending the APS Science Teaching Forum, a week-long, intensive workshop with the teacher fellows.
  • Serving as a Mentor/Instructor during the Science Teaching Forum by presenting, facilitating, or assisting in the instruction and other APS activities.
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the draft versions of the lessons/activities being transformed by the teacher fellows.
  • Providing assistance to the teacher fellows in the final stages of activity development and field-testing the material in the classroom.
  • Attending and participating in the Experimental Biology, APS’ annual scientific conference in the spring.

Online Curriculum Development Fellows

Online Curriculum Development Fellows are selected from past participants of the APS professional development fellowships for science teachers. CD Fellows work in teams to develop online, interactive, inquiry-based science activities using Project WISE. Project WISE is a free online science learning environment for students and teachers created by the University of California, Berkeley (see Resources below). Through these units, students learn about and respond to contemporary scientific controversies by designing, debating, and critiquing solutions. These life science activities are geared towards middle school and high school students. Working in teams, the CD Fellows develop their online unit in conjunction with Project WISE staff, APS staff, and APS physiologists.

The Lead Mentor Fellowship is awarded to a past Mentor/Instructor who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in working with his/her colleagues in the program. Lead Mentors works closely with the APS Education Office staff to coordinate the Mentor/Instructor activities and mentoring responsibilities for the current cohort of RT and OT fellows.

For more information on these Leadership Fellowships, contact the APS Education Office .


Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE)

This website offers free online, interactive curriculum for K-12 teachers and students.