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APS Education programs and resources are grounded in six major tenets of science teaching. These axioms are research-based and, in practice, clearly enhance the science learning of diverse students. In designing resources and programs, the APS uses these six points as guiding principles and encourages science educators at all levels to consider how these essential elements can contribute to exemplary education in their classrooms.

  • Student-centered instruction is at the heart of exemplary science education.
  • Valuing diversity among students is a defining characteristic of excellence in science education.
  • Integrating technology to enhance learning is particularly important in science education.
  • To be authentic, assessment must focus on both content and process skills.
  • Utilizing accurate and timely content information is central to scientific study.
  • Reflecting on teaching and learning is essential to maintaining excellence in science education.

APS provides tools for teachers to use in modifying lesson plans and teaching methods to address the Six Star principles. One tool that teachers in our programs have found useful is a Debriefing Form (see Resources below) that encourages teachers to critique and modify existing lessons to be more effective.


    Six Star Science Debrief Form

    This tool helps teachers apply the Six Star Science principles to existing lesson plans.