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Local Outreach Teams (LOTs) are the grassroots arm of the Frontiers in Physiology program. LOTs disseminate Frontiers materials and resources to middle and high school life science teachers via professional development in-service workshops and build connections between physiology researchers and local teachers and schools.

Each LOT team must have a team leader who is an APS member. The team should include physiologists (and/or other biomedical researchers); local middle/high school teachers; and if possible, representatives from the local school system (e.g., the science supervisor or in-service coordinator) and from any large federally funded science education programs. A good target number is 6-8 members; this allows the team leader to distribute the team's tasks among a number of persons.

The LOT Team Leader is responsible for:

  • Recruiting the members of the LOT team.
  • Assisting the APS Education Office in securing a local site suitable for the LOT Training Institute.
  • Ensuring that all activities of the LOT team, as listed below, are carried out.
  • Ensuring that APS receives all information and materials for evaluation or for financial reimbursement by the specified deadlines.

LOT Team Members are responsible for:

  • Attending a Training Institute in your area:
    A team of experienced LOT members will travel to your site to conduct an on-site Training Institute for your entire team. Your new LOT will select 1-3 of the Physiology Learning Cycle Units (see Resources below) to use at your workshops. Materials and resources for the in-site training will be provided by the APS office and the experienced LOT members will serve as mentors for the new LOT team of the first year of their program.
  • Recruiting middle or high school teachers to participate in a workshop. Recruitment can be done via the school system or the LOT’s existing teacher contacts.
  • Conducting a 1-1.5 day workshop. Both researchers and teachers from the LOT should be involved in implementing the workshop.
  • Hosting one follow-up "brainstorming" session with participating teachers. These sessions can focus on a variety of topics, including: how the workshop materials were used in the classroom; discussions of effective teaching strategies; demonstration of Internet resources for educators; presentations on careers in biomedical research; or opportunities for teachers at your institution.
  • Participating in the evaluation component of the program by distributing participant surveys. Surveys are provided by the APS.
  • Consider holding future workshops for teachers in your area.


To date, more than 30 LOTs have provided more than 100 workshops for local teachers. A spreadsheet listing LOT teams is included in the Resources below.

Workshop Resources

The program has developed numerous resources for those developing and implementing professional development workshops for teachers. A link to these resources is included in the Resource list below.

Application Information

The LOT program is not currently accepting applications.


Frontiers in Physiology Local Outreach Teams (XLS)

This exel file lists all Frontiers Local Outreach Teams, by state.

Frontiers in Physiology Professional Development Workshop Resources

Resources for designing and implementing professional development workshops for science educators.