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Physiology Workshop for Life Science High School Teachers and Students

The APS works to build networks between high school educators and research physiologists. As part of its extensive outreach programs, the APS coordinates workshops for science educators within the geographical area of its annual scientific meeting, Experimental Biology (EB).

Who may attend?

High school science teachers and up to four of each teacher’s students may attend. Teachers wishing to bring more than four students should contact the Education Office (see Workshop Registration at left for more details).

Workshop Content

Check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. Interactive demos of lab equipment with physiologists will warm up the participants for the day. Then, an APS physiologist will give a keynote talk on a “hot topic” in physiology and health (see Past Workshops at left for examples of previous talks). After a short break, you’ll learn about the career paths of physiologists, both new and experienced. Hear how these scientists went through school and got excited by studying and doing research in physiology.

Lunch with a Physiologist

Talk one-on-one with an APS research physiologist as you and your students share lunch with your tour guide researcher. Learn about the education and training needed to become a physiologist and the many career paths available in biomedicine. Explore scientific exhibits and research posters with your tour guide. You and your students will learn first-hand about the latest life science research findings and scientific equipment on display at the exhibit booths.

Physiology – Hands on!

Enjoy hands-on physiology activities in the afternoon. You and your students will attend sessions especially designed for you by APS researchers and teacher fellows.

FREE Workshop

There is NO registration fee, although registration is required. A free boxed lunch and snacks will be provided for participants. Full day participation is required. Attendees are responsible for transportation costs, including parking at the hotel or convention center area.

Use the links at left to learn more:

  • About the Program: Learn about the history of the program.
  • Workshop Registration: This page provides information on current year registration and logistics.
  • Past Workshops and Teaching Resources: Listen to talks by past participants. These free multimedia files are great to use with your students! Related teaching resources from the LifeSciTRC are linked as well.
  • Program Impacts: View feedback from students and teachers on previous programs.
  • Funding Sources: APS thanks the many sponsors and contributors who make this program possible
  • Contact Us: Contact us for additional information.