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The Writing and Reviewing for Journals course focuses on skills for developing abstracts and manuscripts for submission to life sciences journals; working with editors, reviewers and copy editors on manuscript review and editing; and serving as a reviewer for journal manuscripts.

Students work with experienced researchers in their general field, getting expert feedback on their written work. Students also gain skills as reviewers, providing feedback for other students in their small groups.

In the Resources Section below, look for current course agendas, costs, overviews, FAQs and application information. If applications are not currently being accepted, sample materials from the previous course will be listed for your reference.


How to Apply Guide (PDF)

Instructions on how to apply for the Writing and Reviewing for Scientific Journals Online Course.

Online Writing Course Info Flyer (PDF)

Flyer and basic information about the Summer 2018 course.

2018 Course Agenda (PDF)

Agenda for the Summer 2018 Writing and Reviewing Online course.

Writing and Reviewing Skills FAQs

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