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This professional development course is designed for upper level graduate students and postdoctoral fellows as well as any researcher who wants to hone his/her manuscript writing skills. As part of the course, students share their first draft manuscript with a small working group that includes peers who have manuscripts in similar research areas and an instructor with extensive publication experience in related research areas.

The course includes:

  • Online lessons before/after the live workshop
  • A 3-day in-person workshop
  • Resources for ongoing manuscript development

The course is proven to help students:

  • Improve their skills at writing and submitting manuscripts
  • Learn how to better respond to reviewer suggestions
  • Know how to select a journal for submission
  • Learn how to be a good reviewer
  • Discover how diversity issues may influence how they write and review manuscripts
  • Learn about resources that can further develop their writing and reviewing skills
After finishing the course, students have:
  • A detailed plan for improving their draft manuscript
  • Hands-on experience at critiquing abstracts and manuscripts
  • Network of peers and mentors to share critiques and advice
  • Tools and resources for developing future manuscripts and abstracts

Please note: The course is taught in English. Participants must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.

For more details, including the course overview, hardware/software and manuscript requirements, costs, and application deadlines, see the links under “Resources” below.

FASEB MARC Travel Award (DOC)

Description: FASEB is offering a limited number of travel awards for underrepresented upper level graduate students, lower level postdoctoral fellows, and early career professionals to attend the 2014 Writing and Reviewing for Scientific Journals Live Course. Travel award applications are DUE November 29, 2013.

Course Cost and Information (PDF)

Course objectives and student responsibilities for the Writing and Reviewing Live Course

How to Apply (PDF)

Instructions on how to apply for the Writing and Reviewing Live Course

Sample Course Agenda (PDF)

Course Agenda from previous Writing and Reviewing Live Course

Course Overview

Course objectives and student responsibilities for the Writing and Reviewing Live Course


Common questions about the Writing and Reviewing Live Course