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The APS Professional Skills Training (PST) Program promotes the development of key professional skills among graduate and postdoctoral students and new investigators by offering effective live and online interactive courses that are appropriate for students in any life science discipline.

The links at left provide information on available courses, resources for those who would like to teach a course at their own institution, and funded projects that help develop APS PST courses. Each link is described below:

Take a Course: Trainees can take trainings as live or online courses or via workshops at APS national and regional conferences. Check these links to lean about the schedule of courses and workshops in the coming year.

Teach a Course: Faculty can use the course materials to work with students at their own institutions via courses or seminars. Individuals can use the materials as “self-taught” courses. Materials include readings, powerpoint files, interactive course exercises, and evaluation tools.

Expert Voices: Each course has specific resources to address diversity issues, particularly for women and minority physiology trainees. Expert advice is offered on many topics by female and minority physiologists.

Previous Courses: This section documents previous courses, their students, and the instructors.

About the Project: This section describes the externally funded projects that led to the development of some of the APS PST courses.

Course Development: APS successfully created and tested an efficient process for development of PST courses that utilizes the expertise of professionals in the field as well as published materials and reports.

Course materials: Materials developed through externally funded projects are provided for use by individuals and institutions.

Funding Sources: APS PST courses have been supported by externally funded projects. The funding agencies and specific awards are listed here.