Joey P. Granger, Ph.D.
Joey P. GrangerDr. Granger received his Ph.D. at University of Mississippi Medical Center. He did his postdoctoral training at the Mayo Clinic and Foundation and has served as a faculty member at Mayo, as well as Eastern Virginia Medical School before returning to the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. In 1996, he became the Associate Director of the Center for Excellence in Cardiovascular-Renal Research. He was named the Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics in 2004. In 2007, he was appointed Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. Dr. Granger's research investigates the physiological mechanisms whereby endothelial-derived factors alter renal function and lead to long-term alteration in the regulation of arterial pressure and hypertension, specifically pregnancy-induced hypertension. Dr. Granger has successfully mentored 5 visiting scientists, 13 postdoctoral fellows, and 10 predoctoral students. He started a mentoring group for junior faculty to help them obtain funding. Dr. Granger has had 16 medical and undergraduate student research fellows in his lab and established a summer research internship program for undergraduate students in his department. He serves as an active judge for local science fairs, as well as being a frequent speaker at local high schools. As Dean, Dr. Granger improved graduate education by providing better stipend and health insurance support for all graduate students at his institution.

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2008 Bodil M. Schmidt-Nielsen Award Lecture (Granger)

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