Brian R. Duling, Ph.D.
Brian R. DulingDr. Duling received his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. He did his postdoctoral training at the University of Virginia School of Medicine before being hired as an Instructor and then Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology. He moved up through the ranks, including terms as Vice-Chair and Acting Chair of the Department, until being named the Robert M. Berne Chair in Cardiovascular Research
in 1992 and then Director of the Cardiovascular Research Center in 1993. He continues to hold those positions today, in addition to acting as Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the School of Medicine. Dr. Duling’s research focuses on the integrative biology of the vascular system, with two broad areas of excellence. First, he is interested in the cellular and molecular basis of the regulation of arteriolar tone and blood flow, especially in striated muscle. Second, he seeks to understand the factors that control tissue oxygenation, and particularly the ways in which red cells are distributed among the
microvessels. Dr. Duling has successfully mentored 35 postdoctoral fellows, 3 clinical fellows, and 7 predoctoral students. His mentees have gone on to successful and prominent positions (including 2 chairs, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, NIH Program Officer, among others) in a variety of careers: academia, industry, clinical centers, and government with national funding and numerous awards among themselves.

See "Mentoring: A Fun Collaborative Activity" The Physiologist 52(4): 101, 113-118, 2009


2009 Bodil M. Schmidt-Nielsen Award Lecture (Duling)

Read 2009 Schmidt-Nielsen Award Lecture “Mentoring: A Fun Collaborative Activity” (The Physiologist 52(4): 101, 113-118, 2009).