December 1

To apply
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Applicants for the ADI award must:

  1. Be a regular or affiliate member in good standing of the APS and of the APS Teaching of Physiology Section. U.S. residency is NOT required.
  2. Be actively engaged in teaching physiology at the undergraduate level (U.S.) or comparable level (non-U.S.).
  3. Hold a full-time position of Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Instructor or similar position. The award is designed for educators who anticipate continued teaching at the institution.
  4. Have received their graduate degree within the last 15 years.
  5. Be actively involved in the development and use of innovative teaching techniques and effectively use technology in undergraduate physiology education.
  6. Agree to attend next year's Experimental Biology meeting. It is incumbent on the applicant to assure that s/he will be able to attend the EB meeting and provide or obtain additional travel support beyond that provided by the award, if needed (e.g., for international travel). The award cannot be deferred to future years.

Applicants must submit the following*:

  1. A 2- to 3-page description of a laboratory experiment or activity that exemplifies innovative use of technology in physiology education.
  2. An explanation of how this activity/technique can be integrated in the curriculum to best benefit students.
  3. A description of how the innovation will be shared with other faculty.
  4. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's Department Chair or  administrator.
  5. A copy of their curriculum vitae.

*Successful applications typically include the following:

  • Description of how inquiry-based learning is utilized in the activity
  • Description of assessment
  • Indicator(s) of the successes of the activity
  • Evidence/plans for sharing the work inside and outside of the applicant's institution
  • Indication of how the applicant will use the PowerLab for education
  • Evidence that the applicant is utilizing technology to enhance student learning
  • Description of how many students will be reached, including under-served student populations
  • Clear indication of institutional support (including specific language regarding activity)


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