Related Meetings

A list of upcoming meetings from related organizations. To have your meeting posted to this page, please e-mail the following details to the APS Webmaster:

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Meetings are listed chronologically.


March 20-23
23rd Annual Regenerative Medicine Workshop, Charleston, SC
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March 25-26
8th Edition International Conference on Internal Medicine, 2019, Rome, Italy
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April 5-6
European Meeting on Adult Congenital Heart Disease (EuroGUCH), Zagreb, Croatia
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April 22-23, 2019
4th International Heart Conference, Dubai, UAE
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May 17-18
9th Annual Meeting of the North American Artery (NAA) Society: Chronological vs. Vascular Aging: Biological, Clinical and Population Implications, Iowa City, IA
Information: Internet:;  Twitter: @NAASociety

May 20-12
3rd International Conference on Chronic Diseases, London, United Kingdom
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May 27-June 3
PanAm 2019, Havana, Cuba
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June 10-13
14th FELASA Congress, Prague, Czech Republic
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June 16-18
54th Annual Meeting of the Lake Cumberland Biological Transport Group, Jamestown, KY
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August 8-11
Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Physiological Society, Reykjavik, Iceland
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August 26-27
Termis-EU Workshop: 3D Bioprinting in Cancer Research, Nantes, France
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September 12-14
International Kv7 Channels Symposium (Kv7 2019), Naples, Italy
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September 20-22
13th Annual Conference of the International Liver Cancer Association, Chicago, IL
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September 21-24
48th Meeting of the European Brain and Behaviour Society, Prague, Czech Republic
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October 4-5
Ninth Annual Brain Metastases Research and Emerging Therapy Conference, Marseille, France  
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October 11-13
1st International Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Physiology (SPFis), Lisboa, Portugal
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October 29-November 1
31st World Congress of the International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery, Tel Aviv, Israel