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About the Conference

The purpose of the APS 14th International Conference on Endothelin: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics is to present the most recent information on the physiology and pathophysiology of endothelin. Previous conferences have an impressive and exciting history and have been the site of crucial scientific and clinical announcements. The program will consist of 11 symposia sessions from keynote speakers from the endothelin field, oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts, as well as ample time to view abstract posters and networking opportunities.

Endothelin (ET) plays a critically important role in vascular as well as non-vascular physiology and pathobiology including control water and electrolyte transport, modulation of sympathetic nerve activity, and development of the gastrointestinal system which provides a broad range to many different scientific communities.

Join us in Savannah in September 2015 for this exciting conference and for friendly old-fashioned Southern hospitality