Past APS Conferences

Past APS Conferences and Meetings

Date  Meeting Title  Location 
October 25-28, 2018  APS Intersociety Meeting
Comparative Physiology: Complexity and Integration 
New Orleans, LA 
September 30-October 3, 2018 APS Conference
Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Sex-Specific Implications for Physiology
Knoxville, TN 
June 18-22, 2018  APS Workshop
APS Institute on Teaching and Learning 
Madison, WI 
April 21-25, 2018  Experimental Biology 2018  San Diego, CA 
November 6-8, 2017 APS Conference
Physiological and Pathophysiology Consequences of Sickle Cell Disease  
 Washington, DC
August 27-30, 2017 APS Conference
Physiological Bioenergetics: Mitochondria from Bench to Bedside 
 San Diego, CA
August 11-14, 2017 APS Conference
Cardiovascular Aging: New Frontiers and Old Friends
 Westminster, CO
August 1-5, 2017 38th IUPS Congress
The Rhythms of Life— IUPS2017
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
April 22-26, 2017 Experimental Biology 2017  Chicago, IL 
November 2-4, 2016  APS Intersociety Meeting
The Integrative Biology of Exercise VII 
Phoenix, AZ 
September 25-28, 2016 2016 International Conference of Physiological Sciences  Beijing, China 
August 24-27, 2016  APS Conference
Inflammation, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease  
Westminster, CO 
July 29-31, 2016  APS/TPS Joint Meeting
Physiology 2016 
Dublin, Ireland 
June 20-24, 2016  APS Workshop
APS Institute on Teaching and Learning   
Madison, WI 
April 2-6, 2016  Experimental Biology 2016  San Diego, CA 
November 17-20, 2015  APS Conference
Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Physiology and Gender 
Annapolis, MD 
September 9-12, 2015 APS Conference
Physiological Bioenergetics: From Bench to Bedside
Tampa, FL
September 2-5, 2015 APS Conference
14th International Conference on Endothelin: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics 
Savannah, GA
March 28-April 1, 2015  Experimental Biology 2015  Boston, MA 
October 5-8, 2014 APS Intersociety Meeting
Comparative Approaches to Grand Challenges In Physiology  
San Diego, CA 
June 23-27, 2014  APS Workshop
The APS Institute on Teaching and Learning 
Bar Harbor, ME 
April 26-30, 2014  Experimental Biology 2014  San Diego, CA 
April 20-24, 2013  Experimental Biology 2013  Boston, MA 
October 10-13, 2012  APS Intersociety Meeting
The Integrative Biology of Exercise VI  
Westminster, CO 
July 7-10, 2012  APS Conference
Autonomic Regulation of Cardiovascular Function in Health and Disease  
Omaha, NE 
April 21-25, 2012  Experimental Biology 2012  San Diego, CA 
October 12-14, 2011  APS Conference
Physiology of Cardiovascular Disease: Gender Disparities  
University of Mississippi, Jackson, MS 
September 18-22, 2011  APS Conference
7th International Sympsoium on Aldosterone and the ENaC/Degenerin Family of Ion Channels: Molecular Mechanisms and Pathophysiology 
Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA 
April 9-13, 2011  Experimental Biology 2011  Washington, DC 
August 25-28, 2010  APS Conference
Inflammation, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease 
Westminster, CO 
August 4-7, 2010  APS Intersociety Meeting
Global Change & Global Science: Comparative Physiology in a Changing World 
Westminster, CO 
April 24-28, 2010  Experimental Biology 2010  Anaheim, CA 
September 9-12, 2009  APS Conference
ET-11: APS International Conference on Endothelin 
Montreal, Canada 
July 15-18, 2009  APS Conference
Sex Steroids in Gender and Cardiovascular-Renal Physiology and Pathology 
Broomfield, CO 
April 18-22, 2009  Experimental Biology 2009  New Orleans, LA 
September 24-27, 2008  APS Intersociety Meeting
Integrative Biology of Exercise 
Hilton Head, SC 
April 5-9, 2008  Experimental Biology 2008  San Diego, CA 
August 9-12, 2007  APS Conference
Sex Steroids in Gender and Cardiovascular-Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology 
Austin, TX 
April 28-May 2, 2007  Experimental Biology 2007  Washington, DC 
November 2-5, 2006  APS Conference
Physiological Genomics and Proteomics of Lung Disease 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 
October 8-11, 2006  APS Intersociety Meeting
Comparative Physiology 2006: Integrating Diversity 
Virginia Beach, VA 
April 1-5, 2006  Experimental Biology 2006  San Francisco, CA 
July 16-20, 2005  APS Conference
Neurohypophyseal Hormones: From Genomics and Physiology to Disease 
Steamboat Springs, CO 
March 31-April 5, 2005  IUPS Meeting/Experimental Biology 2005  San Diego, CA 
October 6-9, 2004  APS Intersociety Meeting
Integrative Biology of Exercise 
Austin, TX 
September 8-11, 2004  APS Conference
Immunological and Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
Snowmass, CO 
April 17-21, 2004  Experimental Biology 2004  Washington, DC 
October 1-4, 2003  APS Conference
Understanding Renal and Cardiovascular Function through Physiological Genomics 
Augusta, GA 
September 10-14, 2003  APS Conference
Aldosterone and ENaC: From Genetics to Physiology 
Bnaff, Alberta, Canada 
April 20-24, 2003  Experimental Biology 2003  New Orleans, LA 
August 24-28, 2002  APS Intersociety Meeting
The Power of Comparative Physiology: Evolution, Integration and Application 
San Diego, CA 
April 20-24, 2002  Experimental Biology 2002  New Orleans, LA 
February 20-23, 2002  APS Conference
Physiological Genomics of Cardiovascular Disease: From Technology to Physiology 
San Francisco, CA 
October 17-20, 2001  APS Conference
Genome and Hormones: an Integrative Approach to Gender Differences in Physiology 
Pittsburgh, PA 
October 10-14, 2001  APS Conference
Cellular and Molecular Physiology of Sodium-Calcium Exchange 
Bnaff, Alberta, Canada 
March 31-April 4, 2001  Experimental Biology 2001  Orlando, FL 
September 21-23, 2000  APS Intersociety Meeting
Integrative Biology of Exercise 
Portland, ME 
August 24-27, 2000  APS Conference
Baroreception and Cardiopulmonary Reflexes 
Iowa City, IA 
April 15-18, 2000  Experimental Biology 2000  San Diego, CA 
October 19-22, 1999  APS Conference
Determinants of Vigilance: Interaction Between the Sleep and Circadian Cycles 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 
September 22-25, 1999  APS Conference
The Biology of Potassium Channels: From Molecules to Disease 
Snowmass, CO 
April 17-21, 1999  Experimental Biology 1999  Washington, DC 
September 16-19, 1998  APS Conference
Endothelial Regulation of Vascular Tone: Molecular to Integrative Physiology 
Augusta, GA 
April 18-22, 1998  Experimental Biology 1998  San Francisco, CA 
October 29-November 1, 1997  APS Conference
The Physiology and Functional Diversity of Amiloride-Sensitive Na+ Channels: A News Gene Superfamily 
Park City, UT 
April 6-9, 1997  Experimental Biology 1997   New Orleans, LA 
October 16-19, 1996  APS Intersociety Meeting
Intergrative Biology of Exercise 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 
July 21-25, 1996  APS Conference
Neural Control of Breathing: Molecular to Organismal Perspectives 
Madison, WI 
July 12-15, 1996  APS Conference
Physiology of Acid-Base Regulation: From Molecules to Humans 
Snowmass, CO 
April 14-17, 1996  Experimental Biology 1996  Washington, DC 
November 8-11, 1995  APS Conference
New Discoveries within the Pancreatice Polypeptide Family: From Muscles to Medicine 
Newport Beach, CA 
July 8-12, 1995  APS Conference
Understanding the Biological Clock: From Genetics to Physiology 
Hanover, NH 
April 9-13, 1995  Experimental Biology 1995  Atlanta, GA 
October 29-November 2, 1994  APS Intersociety Meeting
Regulation, Integration, Adaptation: A Species Approach 
San Diego, CA 
October 5-8, 1994  APS Conference
Mechanotransduction and the Regulation of Growth and Differentiation 
Sarasota, FL 
June 25-28, 1994  APS Conference
Physiology and the Release and Activity of Cytokines 
Yale University, CT 
April 24-28, 1994  Experimental Biology 1994  Anaheim, CA 
November 17-20, 1993  APS Conference
Signal Transduction and Gene Regulation 
San Francisco, CA 
October 2-5, 1993  APS Conference
Physiology and Pharmacology of Motor Control 
San Diego, CA 
March 28-April 1, 1993  Experimental Biology 1993  New Orleans, LA 
November 4-7, 1992  APS Conference
The Cellular and Molecular Biology of Membrane Transport 
Orlando, FL 
September 23-26, 1992  APS Intersociety Meeting
Integrative Biology of Exercise 
Colorado Springs, CO 
April 5-9, 1992  FASEB Spring Meeting  Anaheim, CA
September 29-October 3, 1991  APS Conference
Interactions of the Endocrine and Cardiovascular Systems in Health and Disease 
San Antonio, TX 
July 13-16, 1991  APS Conference
From Channels to Cross Bridges 
Bar Harbor, ME 
April 21-25, 1991  FASEB Spring Meeting  Atlanta, GA 
October 6-10, 1990  APS Conference
In Search of Physiological Principles: The Use of Animal Diversity and Novel Technology 
Orlando, FL 
April 1-5, 1990  FASEB Spring Meeting  Washington, DC 
October 15-18, 1989 APS Fall Meeting Rochester, MN 
March 19-23, 1989  APS Spring Meeting  New Orleans, LA 
October 9-13, 1988  APS Fall Meeting   Montreal, Canada 
May 1-5, 1988  APS Spring Meeting  Las Vegas, NV 
October 5-9, 1987  APS Fall Meeting   San Diego, CA 
March 29-April 2, 1987  APS Spring Meeting  Washington, DC 
July 12-20, 1986  APS Fall Meeting  New Orleans, LA 
April 13-18, 1986  APS Spring Meeting  St. Louis, MO 
August 4-6, 1985  APS Fall Meeting   Buffalo, NY 
April 21-26, 1985  APS Spring Meeting  Anaheim, CA 
August 26-31, 1984  APS Fall Meeting  Lexington, KY 
April 1-6, 1984  APS Spring Meeting  St. Louis, MO 
August 28-September 3, 1993  APS Fall Meeting  Sydney, Australia
August 20-24, 1983  APS Fall Meeting   Honolulu, HI
April 10-16, 1983  APS Spring Meeting Chicago, IL
October 10-15, 1982  APS Fall Meeting   San Diego, CA
April 18-23, 1982  APS Spring Meeting  New Orleans, LA
October 11-16, 1981  APS Fall Meeting  Cincinnati, OH
April 12-17, 1981  APS Spring Meeting  Atlanta, GA
October 12-17, 1980  APS Fall Meeting   Toronto, Canada
April 13-18, 1980  APS Spring Meeting  Anaheim, CA
October 15-19, 1979  APS Fall Meeting   New Orleans, LA
August 22-24, 1979  APS Fall Meeting   East Lansing, MI
April 6-10, 1979  APS Spring Meeting  Dallas, TX
October 22-27, 1978  APS Fall Meeting   St. Louis, MO
April 9-14, 1978  APS Spring Meeting  Atlantic City, NJ
October 9-14, 1977  APS Fall Meeting   Hollywood, FL
July 18-23, 1977 IUPS Meeting  Paris, France 
April 1-8, 1977  APS Spring Meeting  Chicago, IL
August 16-19, 1976 APS Fall Meeting   University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
April 11-16, 1976 APS Spring Meeting Anaheim, CA
October 5-10, 1975 APS Fall Meeting   San Francisco, CA
April 13-18, 1975 APS Spring Meeting Atlantic City, NJ
1974 APS Fall Meeting   SUNY, Albany, NY
1973 APS Fall Meeting   University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1972 APS Fall Meeting   Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
1971 APS Fall Meeting   University of Kansas, Lawrence KS and University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS
1970 APS Fall Meeting   Indiana University, Bloomington IN and Indiana University Medical Center, Indiana, IN
1969 APS Fall Meeting   University of California, Davis, CA
1968 No Meeting  
1967 APS Fall Meeting   Howard University, Washington, DC 
1966 APS Fall Meeting   Baylor University, Houston, TX 
1965 APS Fall Meeting   University of California, Los Angeles, CA 
1964 APS Fall Meeting   Brown University, Providence, RI 
1963 APS Fall Meeting   University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
1962 APS Fall Meeting   University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 
1961 APS Fall Meeting   Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 
1960 APS Fall Meeting   Stanford University, Stanford, CA and University of California, San Francisco, CA 
1959 APS Fall Meeting   University of Illinois, Urbana, IL 
1958 APS Fall Meeting   University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada 
1957 APS Fall Meeting   State University of Iowa, Iowa City , IA 
1956 APS Fall Meeting   University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 
1955 APS Fall Meeting   Tufts University, Medford, MA 
1954 APS Fall Meeting  University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 
1953 No Meeting  
1952 APS Fall Meeting   Louisiana State University, New Orleans, LA and Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 
1951 APS Fall Meeting   University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 
1950 APS Fall Meeting   Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 
1949 APS Fall Meeting   University of Georgia School of Medicine, Augusta, GA 
1948 APS Fall Meeting   University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN