Conference Committee

The American Physiological Society (APS) holds several specialty meetings and conferences each year in addition to being part of the annual Experimental Biology meeting. These specialty meetings and conferences typically focus on one particular branch of physiology-related science allowing attendees to gain more access to other like-minded scientists, subject matter, and can lead to more intimate discussions and foster growth. Specialty meetings can also focus on interdisciplinary topics involving physiology-related topics or meeting with more than one related branch of physiology.

Fundraising is not necessary to organize a conference, but it is strongly suggested.

Past meetings and conferences have covered subjects including: cardiovascular physiology, comparative and evolutionary physiology, endothelial physiology, exercise physiology, physiological genomics, renal physiology, and many more. Your meeting or conference idea can become part of our growing list of successful meetings and events, hosted and planned by APS. To learn more click on the links below:

APS Conference/Meeting Planning

Endorsement of Your Conference/Meeting

To view the Conference Committee's activities from past years, please click here.

APS Conference Committee Request for Proposal

The American Physiological Society Conference Committee (APSCC) is requesting ideas for scientific conferences that will expand the scientific reach of our members. We'd like APS conferences to provide the time, place and environment for a scientific exchange between APS members and interdisciplinary researchers in the wider, physiology-related scientific community.

The Committee is looking for proposals that:
  • advance the frontiers of physiology,
  • define the future of physiological sciences,
  • cross-fertilize research at the boundaries of physiology, and
  • provide venues to nurture the careers of early career physiologists.
Successful proposals will include:
  • a focus on emerging scientific areas,
  • physiology-adjacent topics relevant to disciplines and researchers, outside traditional physiology-focused areas,
  • innovative meeting formats that support scientific exchange,
  • potential to partner with scientists who are not members of APS or who may not self-identify as physiologists, and
  • potential to partner with existing organizations.
Ideas from trainees and early career investigators are particularly desired.

How to Submit Your Idea

Describe your idea and why it would be a good conference topic in 500 words or less, and then send it to the APSCC via email for consideration. Your idea does not need to be complete. If approved, the APSCC will work with you to put together an exciting and attractive program.

Conference ideas will receive feedback from the APSCC within approximately 30 days of submission.