Becoming a Physiologist
Are you mainly interested in learning more about physiology as a possible career choice? Do you know what you can do with a degree in physiology?

Physiology is one of the oldest disciplines of the basic biomedical sciences. The goal of physiological research is to understand the integrative function of living organisms from the level of molecules through to the whole organism. While research often involves the use of animals, there’s a whole new body of research that also involves molecular biology, biochemistry, cell and organ culture, biophysical techniques, pharmacology, and physiological genomics. Through the use of this range of techniques, physiologists seek to understand the integration of mechanisms to achieve homeostasis from the molecular level to the whole organism, be it human or animal.

A degree in physiology will provide you with knowledge and skills that are applicable to a wide range of careers. These can be as diverse as exercise/sports-related fields to journalism to pharmaceutical work to basic research and teaching.

Below are some resources you might find helpful as you are thinking about a career in physiology (APS does not endorse or assume responsibility for the information posted on these web sites).

Resources from LifeSciTRC