Facets of a "Teaching Career"

2017 Career Symposium
"The Many Facets of a 'Teaching Career' "
(Sponsored by APS Career Opportunities in Physiology Committee)


Date: Monday, April 24, 2017  

Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Room W192C



Clintoria R. Williams, Ph.D., Emory University

Josef Brandauer, Ph.D., Gettysburg College

This symposium is targeting scientists pursing an academic career which includes teaching. Teaching has become a desired and required component of many academic careers. Teaching requirements and expectations vary significantly between institutions and even departments. In order for job candidates to reach an informed decision regarding the institution that is the best fit for their career goals, an understanding of these requirements and expectations is needed. The specific goals of this symposium are for participates to be able to: 1) identify clues within job announcements that will provide hints about teaching expectations, 2) learn about teaching expectations at various institution types (Regional, Research Intensive, Liberal Arts and Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and 3) provide insight into strategies for "successful teaching" from instructors at various career stages and institution types. Specific questions that panelists will address include: How to determine if a teaching career is the right choice?; How to prepare for a teaching career at any level?; How to find the right fit in regards to institution and department?; How to balance teaching-research life?; How to determine the value of teaching in the evaluation process for promotion?




  • How to Dissect a Job Announcement: Little Secrets
    Josef Brandauer, Ph.D, Gettysburg College
  • Educating the Teacher-Scholar for Successful Teaching
    Carissa Krane, Ph.D., University of Dayton
  • Teaching-Research Balance in the Changing Classroom
    Dexter Lee, Ph.D., Howard University
  • Perspectives from a Liberal Arts College
    Lara DeRuisseau, Ph.D.,LeMoyne College
  • Educating the Educator in a Medical School
    David Harris, Ph.D., University of Central Florida
  • Panel and Roundtable Discussions