APS and MentorNet: The Power of 2

MentorNet: Experience a Better Future

APS is a proud partner of the award-winning mentoring program, MentorNet. Since 1997 MentorNet has paired more than 32,000 STEM student protégés with professionals in STEM fields in effective mentoring relationships within a convenient online environment that pre-dated today's social networks. APS encourages you to learn more and to sign up as either a mentor or a protégé by clicking on the resources below.

MentorNet's mission is to foster a prevalent culture of mentoring in STEM that empowers individuals to persist and succeed in their fields.

The MentorNet Strategy:

  • Provide all STEM students with access to high quality mentoring relationships in a vibrant community committed to STEM student success.
  • Intelligently match STEM students and professionals in compatible and effective mentoring partnerships that encourage persistence and support  academic success.
  • Evaluate and deliver evidence-based programs that address the critical issues impacting STEM retention and graduation.

The MentorNet Platform:

MentorNet's next generation scalable platform for mentoring uniquely combines the technology of social networks with the social science of mentoring helping mentors and protégés to connect across generational, gender, racial, cultural, and socio¬≠ economic boundaries.

The MentorNet Program:

  • For protégés, MentorNet provides mentoring experiences appropriate to their educational stage, addressing their mentorship goals. Student persistence and retention can be addressed thematically and systematically with mentoring experiences that address the right problem at the right time.
  • For mentors, experiences leverage the mentor's interests, availability, and expertise. Mentors are informed of the non-cognitive challenges that their protégé may face and that the protégé may be unaware of or reluctant to discuss.
  • Each mentoring experience is guided by a series of discussion topics, delivered automatically to mentors and protégés on our mentoring platform.
  • Mentors and protégés receive pre-mentorship training through an engaging and fun online tutorial.
  • Although MentorNet's protégés and professionals engage with one other for a minimum 15 minutes each week for four months their relationships often last a life time.

MentorNet envisions a "Diverse 21st Century STEM Workforce" in which all citizens contribute to innovation and experience prosperity.

  • 92% of MentorNet protégés graduate with a STEM degree.
  • 78% are women or under¬≠represented minorities.
  • 70 fields in engineering and science are represented.
  • 50% of protégés explore jobs with mentor's company.

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How MentorNet Works

MentorNet is a social network for mentoring open to any STEM student in the U.S. STEM students are mentored by professionals working in STEM fields.


MentorNet is the premiere and most experienced web-based e-mentoring program in the world.

National Resource Mentoring Network (NRMN)

The NRMN is a consortium created to provide networking and mentoring experiences in support of training and professional development of individuals underrepresented in biomedical research careers.