Mathematical Models Mastehead 2019

Interface of Mathematical Models and Experimental Biology: Role of the Microvasculature Conference

Welcome to the official website of the American Physiological Society (APS) Interface of Mathematical Models and Experimental Biology: Role of the Microvasculature conference. Join us for the inaugural conference on this topic.

APS recognizes that collaborations between experimental physiologists and theoretical investigators are indispensable in advancing the study of complex physiological systems. This conference will focus on how investigators integrate mathematical models with experimental approaches in an effort to understand the roles of microcirculation and hemodynamics in a variety of organs.

Microcirculation topics—broadly applicable to organ function and dysfunction in general—will include blood flow in microvascular networks, oxygen transport and diffusion, and acute and long-term regulation of blood flow. These and related topics will be considered in subsequent symposia as they relate to physiological mechanisms in the kidney, heart, brain, retina, and in cancer tissue.

Experts leading symposium presentations will include:

  • basic and clinical experimentalists who have included theoretical analyses in their studies, and
  • mathematical modelers who focus on physiological problems related to those described by the experimentalists.

Speakers are encouraged to present:

  • unpublished data, and
  • state-of-the-art computational approaches and their innovative, multiscale applications in understanding microcirculation in various organs.

We hope this conference will inspire early career investigators and trainees to develop new research programs that take advantage of mathematical modeling insights.

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