Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

Pre and Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

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University of Minnesota

O-Uchi lab is seeking one highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with an interest in cardiac ion channel physiology and mitochondrial biology. Our research aims to explore the detailed mechanism underlying the cardiac excitation...
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
The Lee laboratory at the Cardiovascular Biology Research Program of the OMRF is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow who will lead projects to investigate the molecular processes regulating NAD+-dependent pathways...
Augusta University

Augusta University
An open NIH funded post-doc position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Jessica Filosa to investigate intercellular signaling mechanisms at the neurovascular unit. Studies include the use of state of the art technical...
University of California Los Angeles

A post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Olujimi Ajijola at UCLA. The Ajijola lab is an multidisciplinary lab that studies mechanisms of cardiac autonomic control in small and large animals...