The Kidney and Beyond Mastehead 2019

2019 APS Aldosterone and ENaC in Health and Disease: The Kidney and Beyond

Welcome to the official APS Aldosterone and ENaC in Health and Disease: The Kidney and Beyond conference website. Join us for the ninth in a series, held every two to four years since 1994 on the topic of aldosterone and the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC). Focusing on cutting-edge research presented by top investigators in the field, the conference organizers have developed an exciting program featuring a slate of basic, clinical and translational scientists. 

We've scheduled a four-day program of emerging basic, clinical and translational research presented by top scientists in the field. Topic areas to be discussed include:

  • aldosterone,
  • the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) and ENaC, and
  • other relevant ion transport proteins.

Topics range from information on ion channel and receptor structure and function, to whole animal physiological studies and human studies and clinical trials of emerging novel MR antagonists and other drugs. This exciting program will attract colleagues from around the world to meet, present and learn from one another.

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